Saturday, June 1, 2013

week in review: 27

during week 27 i turned 31 and got to spend my day with these crazy kids. i know, they are too much. 

soccer morning. i still maintain my claim that 4 year olds playing a team sport is the most cute thing in the world.  

little sis on the sidelines. 

end of game tunnel favorite part!

to celebrate my birthday and also mother's day we headed over to kona for a couple nights. it was magical. we made a goal to stay by the pool as much as possible, only leaving if it was totally necessary. i think we managed to tucker them out.

breaky on the lanai.

ready, set, swim! c is just a little fish now. we are so proud of how well he does in the water!

yes, this really happened. no joke.

 our island baby knows how to chill.

so do i. 


lots of poolside naps and snacks. such a fun birthday weekend with my most favorites.


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