Tuesday, April 14, 2015

coen is six!

holy moly. i am just not sure how it happened, but somewhere along the way my squishy little boy grew into a six year old. when i tucked him in on his magic night, he asked me to take a picture of him. because, he said, it would his last picture as a 5 year old. little did he know, i snuck back in and took one last last picture of him before i went to bed. 

long before i had kids i had decided that i would make a tradition to wake my future kids up with cake on the morning of their birthday. i envisioned that we would huddle together with forks and eat cake in bed. (just ask cortney pennebaker.) of course i do this now, with real life children, and it is so fun and such a great way to start their special day.
so here it is, the 2015 birthday cake wake up call! 

he's a creature of habit. so he wanted to wait and eat his cake till after we did the normal morning routine. crazy kid. i mean i am telling you to eat cake, IN BED and you want to get up and get dressed first. geesh. 

he asked me to make mochi to take to his class. so i did, and i made it his favorite color. we also made green goody bags to hand out his classmates. 
i came back for the birthday fun in his class. it was so cute and a little alarming. the whole class sang to him, and he was so embarrassed and shy. except really, he loved it. then on your birthday you get to pick as many friends as you are old and each friend can come up for a hug, high five, or handshake. this is the alarming part. i feel no need to explain, just look for yourself.


you guys he picked 5 cute little girls who had him pinned up against the wall with hugs. after the 5th girl, the whole class was yelling "pick a boy! pick a boy!" so he did, but he wouldn't have if it wasn't for the peer pressure. i'll be honest, the girls really love them some coen. i think it's because he is talker and a thinker. he's also sensitive. what a catch.

i put little blowers in the goody bags. they weren't supposed to open the bags, but just take them home at the end of the day. however, before i knew it they had all pulled out the blowers and the class erupted in 29 birthday blowers blowing wild choas. whoops.

we came home after school to open presents. he got loads of cool stuff, but was mostly impressed with the real geodes that gami and pop sent. a nerd after his dad's heart.

we had a birthday dinner out at hilo bay cafe. of course it was delicious! 

and because we just can't stop celebrating, we took cupcakes to the farm the next day too!

sweet little boy of mine, you are amazing. you can test my heart and my patience all at the same time. you were created to be something grand. you are wise beyond your years, and you most certainly know it. all i ask of you this year, is that you promise me that you will stay 6 for exactly one year.
 no more, no less. i adore you, coen! 

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