Tuesday, March 31, 2015

end of break

although we mostly wanted to sit in a dark room and cry that grandma left, we forced ourselves outside to enjoy the last few days of spring break in kona. we talked a big talk that we were going to try some new beaches or take a hike, but the truth is we didn't go anywhere. the kids are so happy and easy in the pool, it's hard to disrupt that. if marin has her life jacket on we can even sit back and relax...what?! it's awesome. so we hung out with our little fish before we headed back the routine and chaos. 

wait a second. coen and i did go on a plumeria hunt. he loves these flowers and we walked and walked collecting ones that had fallen on the ground.

isn't he purty?

more swimming!

one last stop at the  kona brewing company on our way back to hilo. 

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