Friday, March 20, 2015

island adventure

in early december coen was invited to his classmates birthday party. grace was turning 6 and having a fancy party at the marriott in waikoloa. while we do love this resort we decided to try something new...camping at hapuna beach state park! ok, it wasn't real camping. we rented a tiny a-frame structure and we camped out. we spent the evening at the resort, went back to the shelter to sleep and then returned to the resort in the morning. it was really a good old time.

hello, sunset!

and beautiful birthday grace!

i didn't sleep much. it was so super windy. but i did watch my adorable family sleep. 

the morning brought about some seriously cute elf adventures. 

we are still using our camping espresso maker that we got as a wedding gift. this is SO unlike me, but i can't recall who gifted it to us. anyone? hello?


we camped out poolside for the rest of the day. enjoying treasure hunt and cake, and loads of swimming. 

and then we slept all the way home. well, not wes, he drove.

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