Monday, March 23, 2015

more cousin fun

i am sad to even write this post, because it is the final post of the visit from the haight's. sadness. we played hard all day in kona. sandcastles, snorkeling, boogie boarding and then a hawaiian luau to round off the night.  
these two are best friends. they get along perfectly. no fighting or arguing. it's probably because gia gives into everything coen suggests, but whatever. we hardly even had to parent them for the week. they had this crazy on going game that they were poor people and had no house and everywhere we went for the week they we looking for food and shelter. it as very thought out, and crazy. they are such kindred spirits. 

walking and shopping on mamas back.

got our Hawaiian prints on and are ready to partay.

the goodbye at the airport. we had to take two cars, so marin thought wes was leaving. it makes since, because the last time we were there he was flying to san fran. but no matter how many times we explained to her that he wasn't the one leaving, she cried and cried for him. coen was genuinely sad. quiet tears streamed down his cheeks. as we drove away i asked him, "what do you want to play with when we get home?" he replied, "mom are you still sad they left? are you just trying to ask me questions to distract me from being sad?" yes coen, that's exactly it.
thanks for coming all the way across the pacific to visit us. we can't wait for you to come back!  

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