Monday, March 23, 2015

grandma is paradise

holy moly did we get lucky. we just spent 10 days with MY grandma. she flew into kona on a monday night, meaning a whirlwind trip over the saddle road to pick her up and get back home. the kids were just over the moon excited for her to arrive. well, coen was. to be honest i don't think marin understood who we were picking up till the moment she saw her. but they became fast friends, and everyone was happy. 

coen had to go to school the first week of her visit. so we kept grams a home and did nothing fun while he was gone. it just wouldn't be fair to go out on the town with him. um, wrong. but he has no idea. day one, we walked through the famers market and had a lovely lunch downtown.

reading books.
watching cat videos on youtube. people, this is what our life is coming to.

visiting aunty mae's fam.
the zoo! whoo hoo!

after coen's little ninja class we walked down to the candy store. on the walk back we were looking for a place to sit and snack on our treats. coen got fed up with all the walking and plopped down on the sidewalk and insisted that we sit right here. in front of a boarded up building. so we did.
cosmic bowling! wild.

breakfast and a tiny show on the kindle. how cozy.

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