Friday, March 20, 2015

december happenings

most of december was full of holiday themed happening, but we did have a few moments of normal day to day that is worth giving a shout out to. for the most part we have been going back up to coen's farm school to visit every wednesday. one of aunty mae's goats had babies and they had to be bottle fed, which in turn made them very friendly and pet like. the kids loved giving them bottles and coen was a natural goat wrangler. if baby goats stayed baby goats forever, i would have one. cute overload. 
feeding time!

hilo boy. boogie boarding down the grassy hill in the pouring rain.

she's so fancy she drinks half & half shots at restaurants. 

the wong girls joined us for movie night by the Christmas tree. 
grace came for boogie boarding!

snow angels in hawaii!
big hugs for a dear sweet lila!

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