Monday, March 23, 2015

wild and crazy times

you guys, have i told you how much fun we had with our special christmas guest? have i? do you really understand the level of fun i am talking about? it was perfect. we went and went and never stopped and hardly slept, and it was a whirlwind of crazy. we packed 9 people into our cozy little house by the bay, and it was wonderful. the kids played for hours and hours and hours. it filled my heart with happiness. 

shave ice! 

going to the zoo, zoo, zoo!

geri and i plotted to drive he kids an hour and a half to the black sand beach for an 8am photo shoot. we got everything ready the night before and tossed the sleepy children into the car at 6:30am. it was crazy, but so fun. and the photos where awesome. the rest of our group joined us after they woke up, and we spent an entire day at the beach swimming and playing in the beautiful black sand.
after the photo shoot we drove down to the punaluu bake shop for coffee and sweet bread...and some palm tree climbing too.

then back to the beach and into our swim suits, ready to play all day!
oh hello there, turtle!

early wake up and full day in the sun...exhausted group.

recharged for a hike thru the lava tube and viewing the glow from the current lava lake on kilauea. 


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