Monday, March 23, 2015

marin maisie update

since my blogging has suffered the past few months i thought i would update a bit on each kid. they are so fun, and so different. it is paralyzing how you love them so much but so differently. marin is hilarious. like a cartoon character of sorts. she is so independent and determined. she wants to do anything and everything by herself, but yet she still loves to be held and snuggled. she is so happy. she skips and sings and dances everywhere. it is like her heart is over flowing with joy and she just can't help it. she is tough. so so so tough. nothing gets her down, and she always bounces up and announces, "i OK!" and then keeps going. we adore her quirky silly sweet girly self.
little mama. always loving on and caring for her baby. 

i had this crazy idea that her eye was a little bit lazy. no one agreed with me, but i took her in for a check up anyway. i was wrong, her eyes are perfect. she took her doc mcstuffins kit with her and had the whole office laughing at her willingness to cooperate. 

she is such a local girl. loves the food and the beach. 

she adored christmas. it made me so happy. weeks later i found her outside decorating our dead tree. she also hauls loads of toys out to the living room, piles them up where our tree once was and yells, "it's christmas!"

 she loooooooves animals. aunty mae's goat had babies and marin just about died from the cuteness. but she also gets very sweet about anything small and tiny, even bugs. if she sees something small that resembles a baby version she says,
"oooooooo, a baby. it's looking for it's mama."

she is not afraid of anything. i realize that swinging isn't really scary, but her brother thought it was terrifying. so it counts. 

her hair is ridiculous. it just keeps growing and growing. i feel like i will have to cut it at some point, but i am not ready yet. 
if she could go to school right now, she would. she loves getting into coen's classroom. this was her reading to some stuffy friends in his class. it super stresses all the kinders out when she marches in a starts pulling things down.

such a silly sense of humor. i found her like this one day. she thought she was hilarious. also, she was. 
probably her biggest claim to fame right now is her desire to pack things up. she is constantly packing up and hauling stuff around. it stresses me out. i have let go of all reason to her toy organization. she will pack up her whole room in a few minutes if left alone. one day she got into my gift bag storage. it was bad news, well for me. she was in heaven. packing, packing, packing. she got a goody bag from the dentist....hauled it around for a week. it is really no joke.

i love having a girl. i mean, i just love her. i don't think gender has much to do with it. but i do love painting her nails, and doing her hair and dressing her cute. i love that she is naturally so gentle and nurturing to her babies. i love that she wants to be like me. i hope that i can show her and teach her all she needs to know about this world. as odd as it sounds, i want to eat her. she is just delicious! 

she adores her brother. listening to them play is the best sound in the world. of course they both know how to make the other scream and cry, too. but it is so sweet to see them become friends. i think i love it the most because i have a big brother, and i love him. so i am happy for her that she has that too. miss m, we just love you! 

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