Tuesday, March 24, 2015

kona side

coen's spring break gave us the perfect opportunity to take grams over to kona for a few nights before she flew home. we rented a condo right in town, and had a really great and relaxing time. coen opted for the kona trip instead of a bday party, and while that makes my past party planning self a little sad, i have to say that i appreciate his desire to spend time with his family. also it really ends up being such a better way to spend the money that you would on a party. he is growing up with a warped idea of reality though, but i guess it would be same as living next door to disneyland. lucky kid.
kona brewing company goodness! 


good morning, its a beach day!
also, it's a good day to be irish.

grams wanted to take coen shopping for his birthday gift. he picked out a treasure box, a seashell, and a turtle made of stone. marin got a new sun hat and a mermaid doll. we ate a yummy lunch in the sand next to the ocean. then the kids took super long naps and we relaxed on the lanai. rough life. ready to come back, grams?

the kids swam for a million hours. i love this picture because marin is the craziest little fish. coen is like, hey what's going on? meanwhile marin is off and swimming.
another happy birthday wish! we had a super mini celebration with ice cream cake and a special gift fav aunt sent with grams. our budding scientist loved his new lava rock collection. we miss grandma so much, and hope she comes back soon...and stays longer! we love you!

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