Sunday, April 19, 2015

six stitches

WARNING! THIS POST IS GROSS. if you can't stomach gross, skip it. thanks.
okay, the only reason i am choosing to blog about this is because some day (i hope) i will want to remember this event, and maybe even laugh about it. ok, we are already starting to laugh about it. but it sure didn't feel funny in the moment.
on wednesday, april 8 we arrived at the farm for our weekly after school play date. this day was extra special because we were planning a surprise baby shower for a good friend. i had prepped stuff all day for the shower, and we showed up early to get set up. coen was playing with a friend in a cardboard box play house, and i sat down on the floor nearby. within 10 minutes of arriving coen tripped getting out of the box and landed on the concrete floor on his chin. he yelled really loud, the way he does when it is really bad, not just the normal drama. i was sitting so close i didn't have to get up, i just scooped him up and i saw that his chin was split wide open. we put a wash rag on it, and i loaded him into the car. he was really mad to leave the farm and he kept telling me, "it's okay mom. it doesn't even hurt. we can stay and go later."
the farm is a good solid 45 minutes from the hospital. he was pretty mad the whole way. telling me that he wasn't going, that it wasn't bad. we were taken back straight away and they put some numbing gel on it. he handled it all really well. whew, we would get through this. wes arrived shortly after us, and he waited with marin in the waiting room while i went back to the ER with coen. the dr took a look and confirmed that it was going to need stitches. coen has been glued back together a couple times, and he was expecting that again. when he heard the word stitches he totally lost it. he jumped up and hid behind the bed. in my best mom voice i tried to talk him down, but he wasn't having it. so i got firm, and used my "you don't have a choice" voice. that wasn't working either. i was wishing that the dr would just lie and tell him he was gluing it, but really not. it just got crazy, and coen was really really freaking out. i decided maybe i should go out with marin and let wes come in. but before i knew it, some big dude that looked like a security guard came in and took a bed sheet out of the closet. he wrapped coen's body up in the sheet and taped it from his shoulders to his knees. coen was SO angry. he was yelling and screaming and asking me to hold his hand. then coen spit in the guys face. yep, he SPIT on him. i was cringing in the corner of the room, and apologizing left and right. i  even stepped up and wiped the spit off of him. once they got coen wrapped up and laying down he started yelling, "oh shit! oh shit! oh shit!" again, i'm shrinking in the corner. as he is yelling over and over, i pipe up and tell him that we do not say those things. (because, you know this is a good time to attempt to parent). so get this, he stops and then he yells, "O. S.H.I.T!" he spelled it! no joke! this kid! ahhhhh!
it took the security guard and a nurse to hold the wrapped coen down, while he yelled and screamed and told them that he was going "slug them" and that they were "stupid, and dumb". the dr worked quickly, but i soon found myself in tears. i was so embarrassed of his behavior. i know he was scared, i know it was no fun for him, but it wasn't fun for me either. wes said he could hear it from the waiting room. just like that he had 6 stiches in his chin and we were on our way home.
coen, you are a survivor. you will not under any circumstance go down without a fight. this may be a life saver someday, or it may get you thrown in jail. i love you. i love that you wanted to take selfies in the ER. let's take it easy for a while.

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  1. oh no! what a survivor! that was an incredibly funny story for someone who didn't have to experience it. I can imagine not so fun to live through. I'm not sure what I would have done. :)