Monday, June 1, 2015

april 2015

i foolishly keep thinking that time will slow down, that i will get my to do's checked off, and the kids will not grow so fast. i am a fool. ever since marin entered our lives life has been in fast forward. what on earth did i do with myself when i only had one child? i also foolishly thought that having one kid in school would give me down time, or dare i say...more time. fool! school just puts the entire family on a schedule that revolves around the school aged kids. it's not just the going to school, but the extra curricular activities. be here, go here, go there. don't be late! ahhhhhh! it's just a never ending run around, but i love it. i love that i wake my kids up in the morning, prepare their meals, walk to school, and pick up after. i get to rush them from one thing to the next, feed them dinner and tuck them into bed. don't get me wrong, i get tired and board and totally burned out. but i know how blessed i am to be their person. having the opportunity to stay home, is gift. and so is coffee.
okay, enough about that. here is a look back at what kept us busy in april. drumroll.....

kool-aide play dough at hi'ilani.
 story time with the sweetest face ever.

kinders in the garden!

sand play dough at keiki steps!

coffee date! (shout out to the new coconut milk at bux. life changing!)
sleeping sissy.

 working on balance at little ninjas.
oh, what's this...another annual meri monarch parade.
(aka, longest parade ever, ever.)

shout out to our ha'aheo school for being graded #8 in the ENTIRE state of Hawaii.
this one, she keeps us laughing.
c started his baseball card collection.

big brothers are good to have around.
couple things: coen is funny. "eetet" is my favorite part. and that handwriting? go, coen!
"aaaaa" he got eaten BY his breakfast?!
soccer time.

again...this one. she is so sweet and so silly. sometimes i have to stop everything i am doing and ask her to hug me, because she is so cute and i just can't stand it.

the pile of notes i am saving for his future wife, it's growing.
these new yellow shoes learned how to ride a trike!

we harvested about 80 lbs of bananas. it's a shame they all ripen at once. i baked for hours and hours and hours. gave many pounds away...too many bananas.
investigating hermit crabs. she is the most fearless of my children.

and super duper silly.
well, they both are.
coen has made so many great friends this year.
 and as always, the girls totally dig him.

the pictures don't even capture how awesome the lava lake was up on the volcano. we got to see it when splattering and bubbles were visible. it still bolws my mind. that's LAVA!

bye, bye april!

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