Monday, June 29, 2015

may 2015

holy moly, may was busy. then again every month seems busy. i am afraid i am going to wake up and it will be Christmas again. here is a recap of what went on in our little life in may. enjoy!
without fail this little gecko friend shows up each Saturday while we are eating breakfast out on the lanai. he knows what delicious smells like.

m is just growing and learning and ridiculous. all. the time. she is so happy and sweet. i think happy music plays in her head all day long.

assessment time at keiki steps. 
look who's potty trained!
unlike her brother, if she is tired she will crash. anywhere.
she loves watching the flag at coen's school. she also likes to be a ballerina.
catching catfish at keiki steps.
holding an octopus!
rain boots and umbrellas. with a dash of cuuuuuute.
messy hair, don't care.

 giant slip 'n slide fun at auntie mae's!

to celebrate boys day (a Japanese tradition that is celebrated in Hawaii) i set out to make these ninja cookies for coen's class. it was such a production, and i could NOT have done it without my amazing friend molly. she makes the most tasty sugar cookies you ever tasted. mine where not nearly as complicated as the picture on the package. but let's be honest...those aren't real. anyway, i was happy with my finished product. it was a multiple day project that produced 30 something ninja cookies. i realize that they were eaten in mere seconds...oh well.

celebrating our favorite boy.
we love our playdates with miss grace!

notes and goodies for teacher appreciation day. can i just tell you that coen (and i) totally scored this year with amazing teachers and counselors. it's easy to spoil them when they are so awesome!

redbox movie night gift baskets.

 the most perfect card on the planet. take the beer. promise.

lounging poolside with friends.
woah. he's renting movies now?

poor guy ended up with strep throat while on our kona getaway.

 lily thinks the book nook is for her sleeping pleasure.
more apology notes from the expert.

 c cashed in his marble jar to pick what we ate for dinner. he picked build your own pizzas!

happy birthday harper!

a big kid date to see a dance production of alice in wonderland. c fell asleep after the teacups. but it was a fun night out with our favorite friend esme and her mama!

i'm glad our furkids get along.
learning how to play checkers with the awesome board he made wes for father's day.
and to keep me sane....margaritas with the ladies.

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