Monday, June 29, 2015

hapuna cabin camping

over father's day weekend we headed over to hapuna beach to camp at the a-frame cabins. it's pretty much camping, just that you have a small shelter to sleep in. that shelter has electricity, so i guess that's fancy. but the cabins are mostly screens, and at night the wind come down from mauna kea and it is so so gusty and windy. the kids slept through it but wes and i laid awake all night while the entire cabin rattled and my hair was blowing around in my face. it was fun though, and the kids had a super fun time. we hit 3 new beaches that we had never been too, so fun!
cooling off at hapuna beach with our favorite dad on father's day. 

dinner in the cabin. (yes, i brought bunting to hang. adorable, right?)
sunset adventures.

beaching all day long.

someone fell asleep during dinner.

sunrise adventures!

yup, i think they had fun. 

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