Monday, November 28, 2011

christmas - island style

to ring in the christmas season we headed down to hilo to watch the holiday parade annnnd so that i could have my first gingerbread latte of the season. (yes, i know the red cups and holiday drinks have been out for a month, but i refuse to drink them till after thanksgiving.) 

please excuse the iphone pictures. thanks.

this first picture cracks me this a 4th of july parade? 
heck no, he's eating a candy cane for goodness sake! 

proof, sticky sticky, proof. 

america, america...okay i will stop. i'm the only one laughing. 

alright, so maybe hawaii lacks some festive-ness around the holidays, but holy heck the sunset skies are just totally breath taking. 

my first of many festive holiday drinks this season...also i am sure this candy cane face will make several more appearances as well. 

rain or shine...i loooooove these guys! 

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