Thursday, November 24, 2011

i am thankful for...

turkey hand-prints that get a little bit bigger every year.

God's plan, although totally and completely humbling, it is always, always perfect. 

ten (yes, 10!) thanksgivings with my perfect soul mate, so very very thankful for that. 

technology that keeps us connected to all the people that we love. 

flavored coffee creamers that dress up my morning cup of joe. 

the unconditional love of our pets. 

getting to watch the sunrise over the pacific every single morning. 

active volcanoes that bring so much joy to my hubby. 

the support, love, joy, and silliness of family. 

friends that are really more like family.

watching coen grow and learn and try to figure this place out. 

seeing miracles up close and personal. 

belly laughs and temper tantrums, you can't have one without the other. 

our upcoming holiday trip to the mainland, i desperately need this trip. 

have i mentioned how thankful i am for my boys? they are my daily reminder of God's love. 

getting to live this life, be this mama, wife, sister, daughter, friend...i am blessed and my heart is full of joy. 

be thankful, be blessed, and enjoy who you are with today. 

and each one gave thanks 
for love and for living 
and they all had a wonderful, 
happy thanksgiving!

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