Saturday, November 26, 2011

farewell fall

since we leave in one week for our mainland winter tour i think it is time that i bid a grateful farewell to my favorite season. 

but first a couple notes; 

no matter how hard i tried, fall is just not the same in hawaii. 

BUT it wasn't  total bummer either. the big island has so much diversity and is such a beautiful place.

we managed to check off 13 of the 16 items on my fall bucket list. apple picking is impossible, cause apples don't grow next year i will change it to a seasonal island fruit that we might actually be able to pick. the hay ride just never presented itself, and well there is actually a "corn maze" at the botanical gardens...we just never got there and with our trip one week away, i am counting it as a loss. 

even still 13 out of 16 isn't too shabby. 

we enjoyed a very quite and cozy thanksgiving at out house. the weather has even been blustery, making our hawaiin mountain home seem like it is almost in the pacific northwest. we are thankful for this house, and for the blessing upon blessing we received this year. 

although fall may be my most favorite season, christmas is my most favorite holiday. so now that thanksgiving has had it's chance to shine, i am switching modes and in full swing to celebrate this beautiful season of joy, love, giving, and family. 

it's the most wonderful time of the year! 

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