Wednesday, November 16, 2011

doctor fireman

since the whole splitting his head open incident over the summer coen's favorite game to pretend is, "doctor fireman." we think that since we took him to the fire station at the national park before we went to the emergency room, he is actually pretending to be a paramedic...but doctor fireman works fine too. 

he tells us to lay down on the couch, and then asks us, "what happend?" after weaving a good story of why we are hurt or sick he comes up with some crazy remedy to make us feel better. 

one night i for real cut my finger while i was cooking. i ran upstairs and yelled down to coen that i was getting a band-aid. his sweet little voice started yelling back, 

"what happened mama? i am a doctor fireman, i can fix you!" 

as i came back down the stairs he met me half way, with his fireman hat on and explaining to me not to worry because "i am a doctor fireman." 

bless his sweet soul. 

these pictures are from earlier this week when coen walked right up to a firetruck and made friends with the fireman. this guy was so great, he put coen in the truck and turned on the sirens. he answered all of coen's crazy questions and even gave him a new fire hat. 

watch out folks, we have a doctor fireman on our hands. 

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