Wednesday, August 22, 2012

a pocket full of posies

i am so excited to get this post up because sweet baby norah is due to arrive any day now, and i just love when new people join our world! not to mention i totally love shanny and can not wait to see her in the best role of her life, mamahood! 

geri and i drove up to seattle with the 3 kids, making a 48 hour stop in portland so i could help host a baby shower for shanny and her soon to be bundle, norah. it was in no way a long enough visit, but i was so glad to be apart of the celebration and have a chance to see shanny's baby bump. our friendship started in 1st grade and we continued school together up through high school graduation. i can only hope norah and marin are connected with a lifelong friendship similar to ours. 

all the pictures from the shower are of decor. sorry. once it started i was too busy hostessing to take pictures. but i know that more pictures do in fact exists, so i will update when i get my hands on them. 

shanny, i CAN just NOT even wait to see you holding you sweet baby girl. come on out, miss norah! 

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