Thursday, August 23, 2012

baker babies!

my main focus while in seattle was to get my hands on the baker babies! i had been dying to meet connor, hope, madison & victoria since they were born and felt blessed that i got to hang around and help out for a few days. i thought that i would take five million pictures, but the truth is when you are at the baker house you are busy! as an extra special bonus amber (the very loved surrogate) was also visiting and i finally had a chance to hug her. what a special person she is to the baker family, and to all of us that love the baker's so much! 

so, how are the baker's doing with FOUR babies?! in one word, amazing! they have such a system and lots of helping hands and all the babies are growing and thriving and very very much loved. when you walk in the front door you can't help but feel the joy that radiates through the entire place. it is just amazing. each time i left i wanted more of them. i never got enough. 

coen impressed all of us by hanging out with the babies for 8 hours one day! he set up his airplanes and showed them to the babies. he was such a trooper. it was kind of baby boot camp for the big brother to be! 

brian and misty, thank you for sharing your beautiful family with me. i can't wait to see them grow and become hilarious little people. by the way, parenthood looks good on both of you!

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