Wednesday, August 22, 2012

go giants!

since stinson beach is just an hour north of san francisco and the giants just happen to be playing at home, we decided to head into the city one day and catch a game. gami, pop pop and pompa went with us, and my aunt and uncle met us there too! it was quite the party in the bleacher seats! coen's mosty most favorite part of the game was the concessions guys that walked around selling stuff. he wanted one of everything, every time they came by. i let him pick ONE thing to buy and he ended up with a giant (ha!) sized bag of cotton candy. also, he now walks around the house pretending to be one of those guys, announcing what ever it is he is selling. he's pretty good. 

the bleachers were a great place for us, because they have a kids baseball field directly behind the seats and coen got to run around and hit the ball. why are baseball parks so fun? i mean, i watched less than 5 minutes of the game (enough to know we lost) but i still had a blast. 

small side note...this was not coen's first giants game. technically he attended a game at safeco field when he was 6 weeks old. given the memory on this kid, he may ever remember it. 

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