Wednesday, August 22, 2012

captain coen

alright, here is the deal. i am way behind on updates...this i know. the problem is that we have been having so much fun i can't seem to bring myself to stop and blog. but since the boy (coen, not wes) crashed early tonight i am going to at least make an effort. don't be fooled, we are still smack in the middle of having fact this week we are lounging poolside at the marriott waikoloa while wes attends a conference about volcanoes. lucky him, lucky us. 

it is nice to be back on the island, but man did we have a great summer vacation to the west coast. coen's fascination with planes only continues to deepen. which makes traveling with him pretty darn easy. we have yet to board a plane and not be invited into the cockpit. on our flight to califormia the pilot suggested we start a flight journal and have the pilots sign it. he said his kids started theirs when they were coen's age and are now on journal number 5! such a fun idea, and coen loves having the pilots names in his book. he also tried to convince them that he would just sit in the jump seat and be their co-co-pilot. nice try. 

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