Friday, September 7, 2012

labor day

i completely appreciate 3 day weekends WAY more as a stay home mom then i ever did when i worked outside the home. having wes around for an extra day is just a bonus all around for everyone, and jumping into a short week feels refreshing. when is the next federal holiday?! i can't wait. 

besides doing some serious (i am not joking) cleaning and purging we managed to have a really fun family weekend. hanging out with coen is fascinating to me. he is constantly working through this world, trying to figure it out. but aren't we all? 

we spent a morning at the zoo. as we were loading the car coen ran back in and grabbed his binoculars, said he needed them so he could do some exploring. and he did.  

trike riding and swimming at coconut island. 

cooling off with shave ice. so ono, you know you want some!

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