Friday, November 2, 2012

a not-so-spooky halloween

we had a very non-traditional halloween, unless waking up in the hospital on halloween is your judgement here. anyway, early (like 6:30am!) there was a knock on the door, my OB danced in with music playing, and dressed up for halloween. he was just stopping by to check on us before heading to the office.

the big brother came back and was a little less weirded out by his new sister. he spent the morning with us, and then wes took him out for some fresh air. he was such a trooper the couple days he was away from us and we were so thankfully that he was in the best of hands.

 self portrait. classic.

our little miss pumpkin head. i knew i would love her, but i had no idea i would looooooooooooooove her. i think i am addicted to having babies. growing a soul and then meeting them is so much joy all wrapped into a million little moments. why stop?

someone found the buttons on the hospital bed.

the first thing coen wanted to do was show his sister her room, and of course this cool thingy he made for her months ago. she was so appreciative of the thought.

we did not make it trick or treating. hopefully c won't hold it against me when he is 30. we did however enjoy marin's first pumpkin birthday cake (that c and i made the day before she was born) and we watched 'it's the great pumpkin charlie brown 'on tv. it was hands down my best halloween yet. welcome home, sweet sister!

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