Thursday, November 8, 2012

a week in review

we have been home with miss marin maisie for just over a week now, and we are head over heals in love with her. if you have called, emailed, sent messages or tried to communicate with me in any way i am very grateful for your well wishes and promise that i am not ignoring you. i am trying to soak up every moment of this journey, and even nap when i have the chance! so far our new bundle has been nothing but a joy. i realize that yes, she is only a week old and she may in fact "wake up" here soon, but we often find ourselves poking her just to make sure she is breathing. everyone is adjusting wonderfully and we are filled with joy that God has trusted us to raise this precious soul. 

here are a million and five photos from marin's first week at home. 

just as i was walking out the door at 4:15am on 10.30.12. 
i still can't believe that was HER in there! 

wes was very interested in all the "sunscreen" she was wearing at birth. 

settling in at home and meeting some pretty special people. 

big brother is pretty happy that papa is visiting! 

this is lila, the very special friend that coen stayed with why we were at the hospital.  
her and her mama took very good are of our sweet boy. 

perhaps he is trying to get some attention. 


pretty much, they dig eachother. 

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