Saturday, November 24, 2012

week in review:3

my week in review is a little late...forgive me! life carries on. marin has perked up a bit and raises a fuss a couple times a day. the moby is our go to solution to all scenarios. no wonder they can sell a super duper long pieces of stretchy fabric for sixty works! she has quite the smile and her eye sight seems to be coming into focus. last night she ate at 9pm, went to bed and didn't wake till 3am for a quick feeding and was back down till 6:30am for another quick feeding, then we snoogled in bed till almost 8.  not all nights are like that, but i'll take it when i can. 

gami is still visiting and c is doing all he can to keep her busy playing airplanes, top gun (wes showed him a 15 min clip and he's hooked!), and lots of "sports".  she is getting some baby snoogles in once and a while too, but i am kind of a baby hog. don't judge me.

it took 3 full weeks for marin to loose her cord. to celebrate we let c take a bath with her. this bath seat is the best bathing option. i'm loving not having to fill up the awkward baby bath tub, and i can bathe two kids at once!

we took c to see 'wreck it ralph' in 3D and it was so cute and funny. marin slept through the whole thing...thankfully! 

sweet little miss just hanging out and sneaking right into our hearts.

this is actually from week two but it was on wes' iphone and i missed it last week. we took c up to the military camp in the national park for a family bowling date night. check out the score...he worked us! and we all bowled with bumpers...shameful!

and how do sleeping baby pictures never get old?! i think i have a million on my camera each time i upload photos.

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