Sunday, November 2, 2014

go, green snakes!

saturday morning coen had a 9am soccer game. cruel! 9am the morning after halloween!?  the boys  were all happy, but they weren't running very fast. it was also our team's end of season potluck and  it was also our week for snack duty. so i was once again up early peeling clementine's for the 500th time in the past 2 days. on a side note, peeling oranges and drinking coffee isn't the worst way to start the morning. it's quite refreshing. anyway, wes was the coach for the "green snakes" this season. it was a lot of fun, and we enjoyed meeting new families. coen enjoyed having wes as a coach, and i think wes even had a bit of fun too.

go, green snakes! 


potluck and trophies!

go, coen! 

go, noah lee! 
go, hilo!
go, noah m!
great season, snakes! (missing kolten. he's in disneyland!)
oh...and more sugar. because why not?

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