Sunday, November 2, 2014

hey there, cool kid!

20014-2015 kindergarten school photo. we almost sent them back for retakes. picture day was like every other morning till we got to school and there was a substitute teacher. coen was like, NOT going go to school. "nah. i am not going. i will come back when mrs. cabuyadao gets back. " so yeah, his smile seems a bit forced and his eyes a little red. but you know what, i decided that i will always remember his tender heart when i look at these pictures. how delicate and dear he was, and how much he totally and completely loved me...and mrs. cabuyadao. so we kept them. and by golly, we just love his sweet sweet face. and the good news is that it turned out that substitutes were okay, and he does just fine meeting new teachers now. good job, coen! 

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