Sunday, November 2, 2014

marin's big day!

oh my. we sure had a fun day celebrating our sweet baby girl. i am so surprised by how fast the second child grows up. from the moment marin could make out who coen was, she has been trying to catch up to him. but what has surprised me more is how amazing it is to watch coen and marin develop a relationship. it knocks me to the ground. i love that they love each other. having a birthday the day before halloween is pretty much the coolest day to have a birthday ever. ever.
the birthday morning cupcake was hand delivered by this guy! 

she was actually still asleep. but we had to get through the ritual before c had to go to school. she was a tad bit shocked when we barged in with candles and a song.

she recovered quickly.
(much better than her brother did on his second birthday, he burst into a mess of tears.)

balloons and cake for breakfast! it must be someone's birthday!

after we took c to school, marin and i went to keiki steps. it's a sweet parent/child preschool that we just started attending. the cool thing is that it is at coen's school, in the cafeteria. so marin really thinks that she is going to school too!

we made clementine pumpkin to share with our friends at kieki steps. 

when c got home we decorated her great pumpkin cake! 
and waited for friends to arrive.

yea, friends! we opted out of a big party this year and decided to take the kids to kona for a weekend in november. but we did have the loewen's over for dinner and pumpkin carving. it seemed appropriate, because they are the family that took care of coen while we were at the hospital having marin. let's just flash back to that real quick...
first visitors!

look at bald little sophie! 

sweet sweet lilla!
two years later, marin and sophie!

and a new loewen! baby jack! 

lilla and coen! 

some gift opening. 

 pumpkin cake!

pumpkin carving!

happy birthday sweet girl! we can't wait to see what you become in the next year, we love you.


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