Sunday, November 23, 2014

hilton crazy land

to celebrate 9 (yes, nine!) years of wedded bliss, and miss marin turning 2 (yes, two!) we headed over to the Hilton for a weekend of crazy craziness. here is the thing, the Hilton is nutso crazy land. it is like a mix of Vegas and Disney Land and a splash of SeaWorld. it takes 5 years to walk anywhere, which is why there is a train and a boat to shuttle you around. if you are only there for a weekend you feel like you can't spend more than 20 minutes at the same spot, or you wont have time to see everything. it is exhausting. but is was so so SO much crazy fun.
we promised c we would pick him up from school early to get a head start on the drive. by the time we were ready to leave it was only a half an hour early, but he thought it was like half a day. and then he and m both crashed out. look how they are twinsie car nappers.

this was the only time m would let us carry her. the rest of the trip was spent listening to her say, "no! i do it!" she insisted on stopping and pointing and asking, "what that mama?" to everything single thing in the history of the Hilton. making the journey anywhere take about 3 extra years.
but we managed to hit the pool before dinner! 

and i wrestled her onto my back once it got dark.

another day pool hopping. and hopping. and hopping. 


some boat riding.

some train riding.

some night time cuteness.
and some exhausted thelen's heading home.

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