Wednesday, July 20, 2011

cutie-pie cousins

lots and LOTS of cute cousin fun going on this week. i love that these 3 play so well together. they also really truly love being together. it is SO fun to watch. here is a look at what the trio has been up to.

waterslide fun at the dizzy bus.

bella was too cool for school, but quickly changed her mind
when she saw what fun thing 1 & thing 2 were having.

"you are really gonna let me drive this bus?"
yes, 14 years you can come work for aunt dizzy.

some light reading material on the bus.
i love how they are all reading the same brochure, yet also reading each others.

a little snack break. sharing is caring...easier said than done.

yesterday afternoon bella and gia came over to play.
well, bella came and took a nap on the couch
while the two little bits ran circles around her.
didn't even phase miss bella b, she slept through the whole play date.

oh thing 1 & thing 2, you sure make us laugh...
we love your quirky personalities!

excited we have a couple more days of cousin fun, and even a cousin sleepover!
i wonder how much sleeping will be going on?!

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