Monday, July 18, 2011

good food, great friends

on sunday afternoon we hosted a bbq get-together for all our seattle friends. it was a little bit crazy to pull off just a day after we arrived but we are sure glad that we did it. it was fun to have so many special people in the same place! certainly a very busy afternoon, and my picture taking was very inconsistent, but i think you will get the idea.

coen is way into the anthis girls. if i could rent them for a couple weeks,
they would finish out the rest of our vacation with us.
allie and abby are so sweet and patient with him, and he just adores them!

coen calls sweet allie, "sally" and runs around shouting for her.
sally must be within his view at all times no matter what. bless her.

this cutie pie is harper. she has some very cool parents and we just love her!

coen and i met virginie and faustin through swim class when the boys were 4 & 6 months old. we also did music class with the boys up until our move to vancouver when coen was 11 months. it was so great to see them, and i can't believe how grown up our boys are.
geesh, when did that happen?!

oh sweet beckett. i can not get enough of this little guy. he is so cute, so sweet, and so um...perfect. i need a week to just love on him. i'll get working on that.

can you believe coen once wore these clothes?! insanity! but gosh he is cuuuuuuute!

how many popsicles can a 2 and 3 year old eat? honestly, i lost count and have no idea.
but they had fuuuuun doing it!

this is just a glimpse of the fun people that came over to hang out with us. we felt so blessed to have such a good turn out. thanks to everyone who came, ate, laughed and blessed us!
you can see more pictures from our bbq on cortney's blog, thatsjustcrazypersontalk.

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