Wednesday, July 20, 2011

love those bakers

last night we had dinner with our dear friends, brian and misty. as an added bonus the pennebaker's and auntie saige were there too! so much fun to be had. misty had so many wonderful toys for coen to play with. ever since coen was a baby he has loved him some misty baker. she is always smiling and one of the most joyful people i know. i didn't get any pictures of brian (sorry), but it was so great to spend some extra time with both of you...can't wait to do it again!

mr coen loved playing with misty.
of course he had to show off his big strong muscles.

extra time with the penn's = priceless!

coen was sooo wound up when we left. as we were pulling out of the drive way,
he took a deep breath and says, "mama that was REALLY fun!"
i agree coen, that was REALLY fun.

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