Monday, July 25, 2011


our annual beach trip has grown to nearly 50 people. you know what that means? lots and lots of fun, food, family, and um....more fun. everyone is spread out into a total of 5 beach houses, and each night a house hosts a themed dinner party. we always kick it off big with a reoccurring fiesta theme. as always pop pop whipped up some very delightful mexican food, and wes ran the margarita station. no one went hungry. no one ever had an empty glass. the kids were never bored. um...success!

the menu: green chicken chili enchiladas, carnitas tacos,
black beans, cabbage slaw & sopapillas

getting creative with the stick on mustaches...

enjoying our backyard of sand, and decorating sombreros.

ole! our good friend sanjoy joined us for the night...lucky us!

no fiesta would be complete without a pinata!
there are some serious pinata whackers in this family.
and maybe some equally as serious candy eaters.

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