Tuesday, July 12, 2011

keauhou bay

while papa and wes were off fishing, coen and i hung out by the pool at the shertaton keauhou bay resort. can i just say that i could sooooo get used to this. we weren't at the biggest, newest, fanciest resort in kona, but it was totally perfect for us. the sand pool was a huge hit with coen, and i could actually sit back and watch him play. he was very social, and made lots of new friends...young and old.

he's ready to go. he woke us up at 5:30am saying,
"oh! look! the sun woke up! let's go do the slide!"

after a full morning of playing and lunch by the pool, we headed up to our room for a nap. when you wake up 5:30am, you MUST take a nap. it's required. papa and wes were back from fishing when coen woke up and we headed back down for more fun in the sun.

papa's sure are full of fun!

lounging pool side with some french fries. no place else they would rather be.

after a quick change of clothes, we headed out for dinner and ice cream.
so much fun, and we did it all again the next day...stay tuned!

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