Sunday, January 22, 2012

family date!

this last week has been the hardest week of parenting i have experienced since coen was a newborn. at first it appeared that coen was going to just jump back in to our normal routine after a five week hiatus. i think he was just running on adrenaline. by mid week we were all exhausted, grumpy, and wes and i were wondering what happened to our precious boy. he has put up a down right refusal to sleep, just wants to "play and play and play." with all that said, we decided that today needed to be 100% focused on the three of us. no chores, errands, catching up...just us. we made a pledge that we would not fight him for a nap today (although his glassy eyes are so beyond tired, it is scary), and that we would "play and play and play." after breakfast (post coming soon!), we headed out to coconut island with his new trike. we spent the whole day on this darling little island in hilo bay. coen got to ride his trike as far as he wanted, a big improvement from our dining room! turns out trike riding is a lot work, so we pushed the trike a lot too. after the island we headed downtown for some super ono shave ice. were there meltdowns? yes. did we have a blast? absolutely. can coen stay up for 14.5 hours straight? sure thing. 

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