Wednesday, January 11, 2012


we spent most of our fourth week in medford and shamefully i took zero pictures. i don't know what happened. either i was just totally burned out from all the picture taking of the first three weeks, or i was busy chasing after coen since wes was back on the island. i imagine it was a little of both. 

thankfully i stole some pictures from my cousin keely. and as you can see, we did a whole lot of hanging out. i am not sure if coen ever left the house and i tried to stay in my pj's all day. 

coen was a big helper in the adults gifts exchange. 

also, spencer was super fun and so kind to play with coen. they pretty much were besties.

apples to apples is so fun. i want to play it right now.

we had so much fun hanging out and seeing so many special people. we miss you all already! 

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