Wednesday, January 11, 2012

sigl love

during our week in seattle coen and i got to have dinner with the sigl's. when coen was about 5 months old i started watching the sigl girls a few days a week. we have forever been bonded with this amazing family, and every time i am in their house i get very sentimental about it. coen literally learned to crawl on their floors. he always loved playing with the girls, and i just can NOT believe how fast he has grown up. 

i just couldn't help myself and i had to do some flash back pictures from our days with the sigl girls. 

at one point the girls begged me to dress baby coen up in a princess dress. now he is dressing up himself. 

grace and the coasters. 

gracie grace.



and my favorite of all, the group shot. 

thank you sigl's for a wonderful evening. we love and miss you! 

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