Thursday, January 12, 2012

happy birthday beckett!

i was so so so excited to be able to celebrate beckett's first birthday with him. i mean, i was there to welcome him into the world and it only seemed appropriate that i was there to welcome him to the wonderful-ness of one! 

his party was a little old man theme and let me just say, cortney and i really pulled this one off. it was so fun to be back together planning a party, it is kind of our thing. anyway, my camera was being used for the photo booth so all the details of beckett's little man party can be found here. 

first things first, i finally got to meet sweet baby maya. she is the third, (yes third!) child of the wonderful family i nannied for. she is 3 months old and so tiny and sweet and i loved every moment of her snuggles. you know what happened when i held their last newborn? um well, 9 months later i was having my own baby. uh, oh. 

so here is a series of pictures from the photo booth. i am not putting them all up, cause you can find them on cortney's blog. however, these are some pretty hilarious ones of my nieces and such. why are old people so cute when they are really little childrens? 

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