Thursday, January 12, 2012

getting back to aloha

after over five weeks away coen and i returned to the island this week. i will be honest, back in december when we left i was itching to get off the island, but after all this time away i could not have been happier to come back. as much as i love the chilly northwest, feeling the sunshine on my face actually felt like home. wes welcomed us with beautiful leis and we headed straight to the kona brewing company for lunch. as an added treat wes' cousin andrea and her family are visiting kona and met up with us for lunch. after lunch everyone headed to the beach and i hit up costco for a whirlwind shopping trip. once we officially got on the road to hilo both coen and i passed out. we had such a wonderful time on our tour across the west coast, but we are so so glad to be home. 

coen: mama is this my home?
me: yes, it is.
coen: let's stay here for a while. 

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