Thursday, June 23, 2011

dad's day!

on father's day we headed down to hilo to find some good greasy breakfast. wes plays soccer with a league on sunday's so we had to plan our day around his game (it was his day after all). after some good breaky we took a walk through the park and then headed over to coconut island. this little island is right in hilo bay. you have to walk across a small foot bridge to get there, and it is just charming! we weren't set up or planning to have a beach day, so we stripped the boy down and let him play in the ocean in a diaper. then we headed to the soccer game and played at the playground. we got home later afternoon for some chill out time and had the boy asleep by 7:30.

we are so blessed to have this fun, loving, patient, hard working guy in our lives. wes is a wonderful daddy and a very very patient hubby! we love you! xoxo

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