Tuesday, June 28, 2011

random goodness

emily left last night after coen went to bed. thus, the morning was filled with explanations of why emily had to go on the airplane. coen handled it pretty well, and i am still coping. i am sure emily was relieved to not wake up to the sounds of bubble guppies...or maybe she missed it. it is quite catchy. in any case, here are a few random shots form her last couple days.

shave ice is so ono. where's mine?!

coen got a new surfer shirt...you like?

beaching it is hard work. coen is glad he gets to do it.

didn't you know, pretend sleeping in laundry baskets
is all the rage with 2 year olds?

love this. emily walked into her room to find the dude all snuggled up.

and last, this boy and his beat up head. i think he should maybe wear a helmet. i feel like his forehead has been bruised consistently since he started crawling! the paci is a night time only thing, but man when he gets a goose egg like this, he surely deserves it.

emily, thank you SOOOOO much for coming all this was to visit us for 5 short nights. we love having you around to goof off with. you are such a blessing to us. we love you BIG!

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