Sunday, June 19, 2011

oatmeal cookies

on friday coen and i decided it was definitely a good idea to bake up some oatmeal cookies (wes' favs). we have baked a little bit together, but this time was much more exciting...i let him lick the beater! i figure we all grew up licking beaters (raw eggs and all), so what the heck. he was in heaven!

cookie dough monster!

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  1. Love it! Lacey and Miles LOVE licking the beater. It's so great!

    About your nap post...Lacey dropped her nap, the summer before she was 3. She was just over 2.5, so a little older than Coen, but it was the same scenario. She would nap if I put her down but then be up until 10:00 at night! Finally I just dropped the nap and put her to bed earlier. She would sleep 12 hours if I did that. I figured there was no difference in her taking a 2 hour nap and then sleeping 10 hours at night, or just going ahead with the 12 hours at night. I still gave her a nap if I new we'd be out late or visiting friends or whatever, just to keep us all happy, but if I knew we'd be around at home I'd go without the nap. If I thought sleep was catching up to her, I'd nap her maybe every 3rd day or so. Sounds like you're on the right track. It's so nice not having to plan your day around naps all the time!