Tuesday, June 28, 2011

turtle beach

sunday morning we enjoyed a lovely breakfast at the hilo coffee mill and then headed out to punalu'u black sand beach. yes, this is the beach i always rave about with the turtles and this trip did not disappoint.

it was a perfect day for...

lounging in the sun with our favorite 2 year old.

enjoying the majestic landscape of this rural beach.

eating peanut butter sandwiches on a boogie board,
and hanging out with sea turtles.

throwing rocks (his fav) while chatting off emily's ear.

swimming with the sea turtles and other colorful sea life. we were so close we actually had to work to keep from bumping into them, crazy! (emily then me)

catching really big fish. okay, not us. BUT we did watch a guy bring in this 200lb tuna on the back of his jet ski. he said he was about 4 miles out and fought it for 45 minutes. wes went over to check it out and get his big fish story. insane.

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