Sunday, June 26, 2011

volcano adventures

on saturday morning we packed up early and headed up to the volcano. emily and i had massages schedules for 10:00am at hale ho'ola. wes took coen to the playground while we were pampered. the owner of the spa is a mom from my mom's group and she gives the best best best massage. this was the second time i have gone to her, and it was ever better than i had remembered. she totally rocks. if you come to visit, i highly recommend you schedule an appointment with her. emily actually told me that if we ever move away from the island, she will come back JUST to get a massage. i'm telling you, it's that good. after our pamper session we headed into the national park and decided to take a hike through kilauea iki. perhaps more thought should have been given to the fact that we had just relaxed every muscle in our bodies. we were pretty much jell-o legs, but we rallied and totally rocked that crater.

the kilauea iki crater erupted in 1959. you actually walk across the crater and are reminded by the steam vents, just how active this volcano really is. it kinda blows your mind.

coen was having so much fun he could hardly stay awake. oh wait, he didn't. he snuck a 45 min cat nap in the pack. the volcano is old news to him.

family shot...thanks emily!

some shots of the plume from the hale mau mau crater. noooooo, we weren't hiking here. that would be dangerous and something only fancy pants wes gets to do.

after our hike we stopped in at thurston lava tube. coen thought the "cave" was super cool. probably because, well it is.

we pigged out at thai thai for dinner and then headed up to the lookout at hale mau mau to see the glow. that's correct, we spent an entire day exploring the volcano.

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