Monday, June 20, 2011

weekend fun

on saturday morning we set out for a full day of fun. our first stop was to our favorite beach in hilo to meet up with donna, our real estate agent, and her lovely daughter. we adore donna and have not gotten together with her since we closed on our house...long over due. coen bonded with her on our first trip to the island and still talks about her all the time. she had some birthday gifts for coen, including this inflatable seahorse. cute! coen had a blast playing in the water, sand, and grass.

after a few hours at the beach we headed up to akaka falls state park. coen did great in the backpack and loved checking out the falls. it was a pretty easy loop hike...down, down, down to the falls means up, up, up to the car.

akaka falls is a very big fall, but there were some other smaller falls to look at on the way.

so many cool plants and flowers to look at!

we stopped in hilo for some mexican food and then headed home and had the boy in bed by 7:30! what a fun fun day!

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