Monday, October 3, 2011

pioneer woman: bananas foster

i don't love bananas, but i don't hate them either. if i eat one fresh i like it to be more green than yellow. i am not a fan of ripe mushy bananas. i do love me some good banana bread, but you already knew that. 9.9 times out of 10 i lean towards chocolaty deserts than fruity ones. but for some odd reason i have recently taken up a love affair with bananas foster. butter, cream, brown sugar...really, what's not to fall for? i have only eaten bananas foster a couple times, and each time i have thought, "wow that was really good!" 

so last night i decided to test out the pioneer woman's recipe, as she has yet to disappoint. we put coen to bed and i declared a stay-date. what is a stay-date? we get off our computers, our phones, and any other distractions to just spend time together. we used to do this more often, and really should get back to making it a priority.  i guess if bananas foster is up for grabs, we just may. it was a total success. this recipe goes really quick! no joke. so prep all the ingredients before you start. 

oh, and your welcome. 

okay, i might have to make this again tonight. 

or right now. 

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