Monday, October 31, 2011

trick or treat

i think i can honestly say that we full on did halloween this year and we ended the festivities with a bang. coen was invited by his friend nigel to go trick or treating in hilo. we live out in the boonies on 2 acre lots and that means nothing but treats. so hilo it was, and oh boy was it fun! we joined up with a crew and prowled a very cute neighborhood for some good loot. 

coen is still questioning the whole thing.

have no fear, i jumped right in and showed him how it is done. 

can you handle them? nigel is looking at coen like he is the greatest frog ever! 

that's cause he is. 

here is another, "guess who is having more fun?" picture. 

trick or treating with little kids is the best, everyone thinks they are the cuuuuutest. 

plus, after they go to bed you can take all but 5 pieces of candy out of their buckets and they have no clue.  not that i did that. 

happy happy halloween! 

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