Friday, October 28, 2011

what a wonderful life

today we are celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary...crazy! the crazier thing is that we dated for four years before we got married, that's 10 years of lovin' folks! i wouldn't trade a day of it, okay maybe i would trade in the honeymoon that hospitalized us with viral meningitis...maybe. 

i love this guy a million times more than the day we said "i do."

i didn't even know that was possible. 

college was fun, and a little bit crazy. i am glad we got to do crazy before having to grow up. 

we didn't crazy it too much, cause we both graduated. this would be the end of my higher education, yet only the beginning for wes. five years later and i am living with a doctor (of volcanoes)! 

we have seen some really amazing and beautiful places. someday we will get to be adventurous like this again...when our kids can walk more than a quarter mile without needing a lift and can carry their own stuff. 

engagement we look like we are in looooooove or what?

and a lot happened between the wedding and this next picture. i still need to pull pictures off my old computer, so there is a huge gap here. but really, not much is sweeter than becoming a family for the first time. then, they let us take this squishy baby home (without really knowing us!) and just expected us to figure it out...stressful! 

luckily we didn't kill that squishy little baby. i don't know that we figured it ALL out, but i think we are doing a pretty good job. celebrating coen's first birthday was more about celebrating us surviving that first year. 

go, us! 

that squishy baby turned into this big boy. 

and we turned into some pretty kick-butt parents. 

weston thelen you are; 

the cream to my coffee. 

the pea to my pod. 

the salt to my pepper

the lava to my volcano.

 how blessed we are with this wonderful life! 

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