Monday, October 24, 2011

waikoloa get-away

over the weekend we had a one night get-away in waikoloa. this trip was part celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary, part experiencing fall, and part celebrating our recent goodbye to diapers. after a visit to the pumpkin patch we headed over to the resort to soak up some of the good stuff. sure, it's not very fall-like...but oh boy is it wonderful! 

coen is a little fishy in the water. 

wes is relaxing all cool...while keeping up on the recent seismic activity. 

who seems to be having the most fun in these pictures?! 

i think the answer is wes. although coen is having a decent time too. 

early morning beach time. why do toddlers always sleep horribly in hotel rooms?

when i ask coen who his best friend is he always says, "gianna and daddy!" 

we miss you gianna!

annnnd what i am? 

this boy can never get enough pool time. 

thank you warm sunshine, waving palms, and blue ocean...we'll miss you. 

oh wait, no we won't. we see you everyday. 

buuuuut, we do love us some resort time. it's real nice. 

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